Jeremy Shapiro et al.,

Before you read any development economics papers, consider giving a cash transfer to someone who needs it:

Published work

Exploring Recipient Preferences and Allocation Mechanisms in the Distribution of Development Aid
[Appendix / Pre Analysis Plan]
October 2019: The World Bank Economic Review

The Impact of Recipient Preferences on Aid Effectiveness
[Appendix / Pre Analysis Plan]
April 2019, Volume 116, Pages 137-149: World Development

Is there a social cost of randomization? Evidence from Field and Lab
with Michala Riis-Vestergaard and Johannes Haushofer
January, 2019: Social Choice and Welfare

The ABCs of financial education: experimental evidence on attitudes, behavior, and cognitive biases.
with Bilal Zia, Fenella Carpena and Shawn Cole
September, 2017: Management Science

The Short-Term Impact of Unconditional Cash Transfers to the Poor: Experimental Evidence from Kenya
[Policy brief / Online Appendix / Pre Analysis Plan]
with Johannes Haushofer
July, 2016: Quarterly Journal of Economics

A multifaceted program causes lasting progress for the very poor: Evidence from six countries
with Abhijit Banerjee, Esther Duflo, Nathanael Goldberg, Dean Karlan, Robert Osei, William Pariente, Bram Thuysbaert and Christopher Udry
May, 2015: Science

(Ineffective) Messages to Encourage Recycling: Evidence from a Randomized Evaluation in Peru
with Alberto Chong, Dean Karlan and Jonathan Zinman
July, 2013: The World Bank Economic Review

Liability Structure in Small Scale Finance: Evidence from a Natural Experiment
with Bilal Zia, Fenella Carpena and Shawn Cole
December, 2012: The World Bank Economic Review

Development Connections: Unveiling the Impact of New Information Technologies
with Beniamino Savonitto
May, 2011: InterAmerican Development Bank

Working papers

Giving Now and Later: Discounting of Altruistic and Warm Glow Utility
[Pre Analysis Plan] [Appendix]
May, 2020: Working Paper

Is Your Gain My Pain? Effects of Relative Income and Inequality on Psychological Well-being
with Johannes Haushofer and Jim Reisinger
May, 2019: Working Paper

Income Changes and Intimate Partner Violence: Evidence from Unconditional Cash Transfers in Kenya
with Johannes Haushofer, Charlotte Ringdal and Xiao Yu Wang
March, 2019: NBER Working Paper 25627

The Income Elasticity for Nutrition: Evidence from Unconditional Cash Transfers in Kenya
with Ingvild Almas and Johannes Haushofer
March, 2019: NBER Working Paper 25711

The Long-Term Impact of Unconditional Cash Transfers: Experimental Evidence From Kenya
[Pre Analysis Plan]
with Johannes Haushofer
January, 2018: working paper

Assessing the Reliability of Experimental Valuation Techniques
with Chaning Jang
July, 2018: working paper

Evaluating the impacts of WorkShop access for small-scale craftsmen in Kenya
[Pre Analysis Plan]
with Chaning Jang
September, 2017: working paper

Targeting the Hard Core Poor: An Impact Assessment
with Abhijit Banerjee, Esther Duflo and Raghabendra Chattopadhyay
November, 2011: working paper

Discounting for You, Me and We: Time Preference in Groups and Pairs
October, 2010: working paper

The Fruits of Usury: Interest Rate Regulation and Agricultural Sector Development in United States History
September, 2009: working paper

Targeting Efficiency: How well can we identify the poor?
with Abhijit Banerjee, Esther Duflo and Raghabendra Chattopadhyay
July, 2009: working paper

Weather Insurance and Investment Choice
June, 2009: working paper

Non-academic writing

The 'stink bomb effect' in charitable giving
with Tom Wein
May, 2018: Medium

Do our choices matter? Not much, but maybe a lot
May, 2018: Medium

What About Universal Non-Basic Income?
August, 2017: Medium

Chickens are to Cash as Poverty is to Development
April, 2017: Medium

The State Made Me Save: G2P Transfers Reduce Account Dormancy
April, 2017: Microfinance Gateway

More than money: How cash transfers can transform international development
November, 2014: World Bank Blog

Broadening the Aperture of Measurement
with Johannes Haushofer
March, 2014: Stanford Social Innovation Review

Cash transfers, Prejudice and Mental Health
with Johannes Haushofer
May, 2014: next billion